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NUT Information Day Presentation

Posted by: webadmin at 9:59 pm on March 16th, 2017

Following questions raised by parents/carers in Trafford about the impact of the proposed school budget funding reforms. We were very grateful to Dawn Taylor from the North West Region, National Union of Teachers, who came to our free information event today and did a presentation for parents/carers, explaining exactly what the proposed budget reforms mean for schools/pupils in Trafford. 


Dawn gave a very informative presentation and was very keen for parents to work together, to raise their concerns about the proposed school funding reforms.


The presentation and other documents are available to download as one Zip file by clicking here.  You will then need to extract the files to your computer. Alternatively you can view individual documents using the links at the bottom of the page.


More information can also be found on the Fair Funding For All Schools Website and the School Cuts Website




PowerPoint presentation on school funding reforms. View 


Fair Funding For All Schools - Briefing Document View 


Fair Funding For All Schools' Campaign Leaflet  View 


Template letter to send to your MP regarding school funding reforms View 


Template letter to send to editors/reporters View 


Advice on responding to the national consultation of school funding reforms. View 


Advice on holding a parents meeting about school funding reforms View 


Poster for a parents meeting about school funding reforms View